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About us

About Us

MTS Health Supplies, Inc. is a medical and surgical healthcare product distribution company based in Southern California. We have approached healthcare solutions in a new and progressive way focusing on providing real solutions to our clients. Our main goal is to gain trust with our business partners by offering the best prices and excellent service around the clock. We are your one-stop resource for medical, surgical, dental, pharmaceutical, and office equipment and supplies. We provide you with excellent service and products.  Our flexibility and diversity give us the edge in the industry.  Our strong efficiency based structure allows us to deliver quality products with excellent service at all times. Our team works effortlessly to provide each individual customer with detailed attention to each order.  MTS Health Supplies, Inc. wants your business. We are not afraid to earn it by offering competitive prices, prompt delivery and excellent service. We guarantee you serious money savings compared to our competitors.
  • MTS Health Supplies, Inc. has been providing medical products and services to the community for more than 15 years.
  • MTS Health Supplies, Inc. standards require each of our associates to receive 500 hours of continuing education annually.
  • We are a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and the local association of healthcare providers.